Svatý Martin & Reacting to a Trump Presidency

5 thoughts on “Svatý Martin & Reacting to a Trump Presidency”

  1. I think you should consider the that if the Democratic Party lost house, Senat and presidency then maybe the real average Joes out there are really pist at the way Obama\Clinton run the country the last 16 years… for goodness sake even the knuckle heads in PA went republican after what 80!!! Years of being a blue state. Maybe the democrats should stop throwing temper tantrums and normalizing violence by attacking everything that doesn’t fit their group ideologies and start listing to what the rural majority is saying instead of showing multicultural “every life matters more then the white man’s because he is everything that is wrong with our culture.” If you wallow in victim hood and declare your self some sort of minority LGBT, black, transgender, female, Muslim…. it does not entitle you to blame all your problems on the generic white male or the females who refuse to declare victim hood and are labeled self haters. They are fed up for having barely enough money to pay rent and be called white privilege class.

    I’m democrat, female, and have true understanding of violence something most Americans don’t phantom. What democrats label under victimhood while they disregard true violence is mind boggling. I’m listening to what is around me and hear why people turned against the Democratic Party. And I’m truly saddened that the Democrats are not listening. We haven’t just lost the election 3 fold, we have lost touch with the masses. We have lost our selves. No longer liberals, we are far left leftist with violent habits. We should be ashamed. Instead we do as we are told… we blame everyone but our selves for our own failings… very sad.


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