First Impressions of the USA

9 thoughts on “First Impressions of the USA”

  1. Hey girl! I love this one!
    Having lived and in NYC ( Queens, Middle Village) and working in the City (corner of 55th and 6th Ave) for 30 years and then founding myself retiring to Zatec (17 000) in 2011, I can totally relate to most of your observations. Especialy now after we just got back from a 3 months stay in New Mexico where we volunteered in Organd Mountains National Monument. I love how you describe in detail the cultural diffrences. I can’t help but wonder how did you adjust to life in Tisnov ( I grew up in Brno) after NYC? Byw, we stoped there on our way back to CZ to visit our kids and it was overhelming. Too much of everything. Like my husband temarked: At our age NYC is useless for us. And just saying: Everything in USA is bigger and to the extreme. But we still love it . Especially now when we got to really lnow the Southwest. But we love it here in CZ too. Keep up the good work girl. You are a good writer!

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    1. thanks for your comment, Zuzana! it means so much to me 🙂 how did you find yourself in Middle Village?I’m a Queens girl; I lived in Rego Park a few years ago. and I can understand what you mean about NYC- for a tiny island, Manhattan is HUGE!


  2. Hi there – I am enjoying reading your blog (through #wanderfulwednesday) Another Czechpat here also home in the USA visiting fam/friends. Sooo many observations and many that we share, it seems. Paying the bills is tripping me up the most… I think some of my friends just started paying my bill for me because I looked really confused when it came and forgot how it worked after 2 years away… oops… not my intent!


  3. It’s so odd how quickly we can become accustomed to things! I used to love sparkling water but after living in Norway where it’s tap water all the way, I can’t stand the taste of sparkling water anymore at all!! I do find it weird to not have side dishes though. Is that even the case in restaurants when you order meat for example?


    1. it often comes with something, ex. potatoes (think hamburger and fries cuz it’s almost always potatoes :), but when you eat at home there’s not this necessity. also with some specific dishes like barbecue and chicken wings that you’d eat out.


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